Vialose™ trehalose dihydrate

who stabilizes your biologic for optimal health? we do

a high purity grade of trehalose

Vialose™ trehalose dihydrate is Ashland’s brand of trehalose dihydrate, a functional ingredient used to protect and stabilize proteins for biologic medicines and is the newest addition to Ashland’s portfolio of injectable formulations.       

Vialose™ trehalose dihydrate is a high purity lyoprotect and stabilizer for biologic medicines and other parenteral formulations and is manufactured in the USA according to the following quality standards: USP-NF <1078> and The Joint IPEC-PQG Good Manufacturing Practices Guide for Pharmaceutical Excipients, and compliant with the NF, EP, JP and ChP monograph requirements. 


  • lyo/cryoprotectant and stabilizer for proteins, mAbs, and cells
  • reduces protein aggregation & cycle times
  • produces excellent lyo-cake appearance
  • easily dispersed in water
  • compatible with most active ingredients


  • small and large molecules
  • frozen solutions
  • lyophlized powders

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