cavitron™ w7 hp7 pharma cyclodextrin

chemistry: cyclodextrin

chemical name: hydroxypropyl betacyclodextrin

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CAVAMAX® , CAVASOL® and cavitron™ cyclodextrins have the unique ability to act as molecular containers by entrapping guest molecules in their internal cavities. The resulting inclusion complexes are used in a number of applications in pharmaceutical formulations. For example, cyclodextrins increase water solubility of poorly soluble drugs to improve bioavailability, taste mask bitter actives for use in chewable and orally disintegrating tablet applications, and stabilize drug actives to inhibit light and oxidative degradation.

 “CAVAMAX® and CAVASOL® are registered trademarks of Wacker Chemie AG.” 

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features and benefits
  • increases solubility and bioavailability in parenteral, ophthalmic, and liquid dosage forms
  • available in low bioburden and endotoxin grades that meet defined limits for use in parenteral and ophthalmic dosage forms

  • drug solubilization
  • stabilizer
  • bioavailability

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