cavitron™ hydroxypropyl-ß- cyclodextrins (HPBCD)

chemistry: cyclodextrins

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The molecular structure of cyclodextrins creates a bucket-like cavity that can function to complex with molecules or functional groups on molecules. The substitution of hydroxyl groups on native cyclodextrins to make hydroxypropyl-ß- cyclodextrins (HPBCD) significantly enhances their solubility and makes them more suitable for drug solubilization. This mechanism makes the cavitron™ HPBCDs capable of masking unpleasant taste/odor and stabilizing drugs that are prone to degradation, and also can increase solubility of poorly soluble compounds. Purification of the cavitron™ cyclodextrins to remove endotoxins allows their use for solubilization of drugs for parenteral drug products.

The regulatory compliance information for all Ashland products varies by product family and grade. For specific data about the grade you are interested in please refer to our Excipient Information Package, now called PRD, and the Certificate of Analysis (COA).


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Cavitron™ and CAVASOL* HPBCD and HPGCD product grades:

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