polyplasdone™ plus multifunctional disintegrants

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an innovative, new multifunctional superdisintegrant with superior flow and lubrication

Polyplasdone™ Plus multifunctional disintegrant is a direct compression superdisintegrant containing silica and lubricant. This highly effective new product provides enhanced flow properties, self-lubrication, and enhanced tablet performance, improving overall manufacturing through-put time. Polyplasdone™ Plus multifunctional disintegrant is a crospovidone engineered for use in continuous process and direct compression batch manufacturing. It reduces the number of processing steps for pharmaceutical manufacturers thus saving time and simplifying development. Additionally, it offers improved tablet hardness and helps ensure production of consistent, high-quality tablets.

This new multifunctional direct compression disintegrant will help overcome development hurdles and improve process efficiencies due to low ejection force and enhanced flow properties, with no additional lubricant required.

key features

  • multifunctional disintegrant
  • superior flow properties and self-lubrication
  • improved tablet hardness

and benefits

  • avoidance of two time-consuming manufacturing steps
  • improved process through-put and quality performance
  • suitable across a wide range of manufacturing techniques
  • compatible with broad range of ingredients
  • all ingredients meet major compendial monographs

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polyplasdone™ plus multifunctional disintegrants product grades:

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