polyplasdone™ plus multifunctional disintegrant

chemistry: vp & derivatives

chemical name: polyvinylpolypyrollidone / fumed silica / sodium stearyl fumarate

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Polyplasdone™ Plus is a direct compression, co-processed superdisintegrant containing a glidant and a lubricant. It is designed to provide enhanced flow properties, reduce variability and simplify manufacturing while maintaining fast disintegration properties. Polyplasdone™ Plus has been engineered for use in continuous manufacturing and direct compression batch manufacturing. 

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features and benefits
  • superior flow properties and lubrication
  • low ejection forces and improved tablet hardness
  • formulation flexibility with different fillers or binders
  • ideal for potent compound manufacturing
  • delivers consistent blend uniformity and reduces lubricant blend variability
  • suitable for continuous or direct compression batch manufacturing
  • simplifies formulation development and reduces manufacturing complexity
  • maximizes capacity of equipment by increasing the flow function and the feed factor
  • avoidance of two time-consuming manufacturing steps
  • improves process throughput and quality performance
  • cost savings by using lower levels of lubricant and glidant

  • disintegration
  • drug solubilization
  • bioavailability

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