klucel fusion™ hpc

The leading high performance tablet binder just got better. Klucel Fusion™ HPC is a new hydroxypropyl cellulose (HPC) polymer that is expressly designed to optimize performance in twin screw melt granulation (TSMG). This product is the only purpose-designed melt granulation binder on the market

Klucel Fusion™ HPC offers the stellar tablet binding performance you’ve come to expect from Klucel™ HPC at a significantly lower melt processing temperature.


  • low extrusion process temperatures (50°C- 80°C)
  • lower melt viscosity that enables trouble-free extrusion
  • improved tabletability at a low binder level of 5%


  • less thermal and shear-induced degradation of the API
  • excellent choice for melt granulating of thermolabile and moisture-sensitive drugs
  • enables melt granulation that is considered to be a, simpler, cheaper, faster, and more consistent drug manufacturing process than wet granulation
  • improved environmental impact via reduced water usage and potential energy savings

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