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klucel™ exf ultra hydroxypropylcellulose

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Ashland introduced hydroxypropylcellulose (HPC), an excipient that changed the drug delivery platform, to the market over 65 years ago.  Klucel™ hydroxypropylcellulose (HPC) is a well-known and proven tablet binder for oral solid dosage forms in pharmaceutical applications. For years, Klucel has been a product of choice for direct compression and dry granulation. 

Now, Ashland takes tablet binding effectiveness to the next level with Klucel™ EXF Ultra HPC, ultra-fine particle size. Klucel™ EXF Ultra exhibits exceptional binder efficiency with enhanced tablet strength and low friability at usage levels as low as 1% to 2%.

Need premium performance for your next oral solid formulation?  Klucel™ EXF Ultra is your solution. Fill out the form to learn more.


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At Ashland, our goal is to help you apply pharmaceutical polymers to develop your formulations. Our molecular scientists, chemists, formulators, and process engineers can help advance complex oral solid and liquid dosage formulations. Our problem-solving team leverages a diverse polymer excipient and film coatings portfolio to provide comprehensive solutions, so when you're ready to formulate, we're ready to help. 

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