Who loves color-treated hair?

We do!


ChromoHance™ 113 polymer helps you keep that 'just out of the salon' look and feel longer.

Who doesn't love the look and feel of their hair as they step out of the salon after a color treatment, when each and every colorful strand shines.  For women the world over the feel of their hair after a color treatment is the peak of what, more often than not, becomes a downhill four to six week journey to dull, faded hair.  Now, with ChromoHance 113 polymer both shampoos and conditioners can help keep the color, shine and vibrancy alive until the next treatment.

This new product and technology for both shampoos and conditioners shields oxidative color-treated hair from sufactant stripping.  This patent-pending technology helps maintain color vibrancy by forming a hydrophobic surface on each strand.  Since water is a one of the main contributors to color fading, this hydrophobic shield reduces water absorption during washing thereby slowing the fading process by reducing the amount of color that goes downt he drain.  Oxidative dyeing, a common type of color treatment processes, tends to strip the hydrohobic layer from the hair surface.  Without this hydrophobic layer, dye molecules are leached out of the hair with every shampoo.

Results of Ashland's panel studies, consumers perceived improved color maintenance, conditioning and shine when comparing samples of hair that followed a traditional shampoo and conditioning regime vs a regime that included ChromoHance 113 polymer. 

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