suprastim™ biofunctional

verve, vivacity and oomph. superfruit to energize and revive.

Fueled by natural skincare powerhouse Vitamin C, Suprastim™ enables cells to balance their natural energy flows, which helps mitigate the signs of skin fatigue and restore a more luminous glow. The source is the Amazonian superfruit Camu-Camu, a superfruit renowned for its high Vitamin C content. Associated with a reduction in stress markers such as cortisol, Vitamin C can help combat the acceleration of the signs of aging.

Suprastim™ is obtained using a natural eco-extraction process. Results showed less visible signs of skin fatigue in 3D models mimicking skin fatigue.

key features

  • boasts an antioxidant capacity 5x that of green tea
  • eco-extracted from an Amazonian superfruit with high Vitamin C content
  • a fresh perspective on skin fatigue with unique 3D skin models, and a new insight into bioenergetics

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