procataline™ G2 biofunctional

a botanical extract to help shield hair and scalp from urban stress



  • a new version of procataline with superior antioxidant defenses against air pollution
  • extracted from pea (Pisum Sativum) and chia (Salvia Hispanica) seeds
  • rich in peptides, amino acids, polysaccharides, polyphenols and minerals
  • associated with hair detox, scalp purifying and soothing properties
  • a complete hair & scalp solution for city dwellers procataline™ G2 biofunctional

key features and benefits

1. sheltering hair from air pollutants

  • helps chelate heavy metals (iron, copper, aluminum, etc.)
  • helps reduce tryptophan damage when hair is exposed to certain air pollutants

2. sheltering hair roots from air pollutants

  • visibly helps increase the antioxidant defenses (catalase enzyme) in scalp cells
  • visibly reduces the pollution marker AhR/CYP1A1 and the IL1-R1 response triggered by exposure to certain air pollutants
  • helps limit the visible decrease in VEGFA microcirculation marker induced by exposure to certain air pollutants
  • helps limit the visible impact of air pollutants on the stem cells marker Sox9

3. sheltering scalp from air pollutants

  • visibly reduces stratum corneum oxidative damage
  • helps increase scalp hydration and barrier function
  • contributes to balance scalp oiliness
  • helps decrease scalp flakes and irritation
  • associated with reduced visible scalp redness



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