optiphen™ po preservative

chemistry: antimicrobials

INCI: Phenoxyethanol

optiphen™ po preservative contains the antimicrobial active phenoxyethanol. It is a well known active with good market reputation and global approval. The excellent pH compatibility allows its use in acidic and even alkaline formulations as well as a variety of other cosmetic formulations. It can be used alone and functions synergistically with other preservatives. optiphen™ po preservative is applicable for use in a variety of rinse off personal care preparations such as shampoos and conditioners. It is also well-suited for care-cosmetics like creams, emulsions, lotions, wet wipes, and gels.

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trade name: optiphen™ po preservative

features and benefits
  • microbiostatic activity
  • wide pH 3 to 10
  • global use, usually in combination with other actives


leave-on ++
rinse-off ++
wet wipes ++

use levels: up to 1%

max. temperature during production: below 80°C

additional information

pH 3 - 10
regulatory compliance* Brazil, Canada, China, EU, Japan, Mexico, US
technologies without formaldehyde donor, without halogen, without isothiazolinones, without paraben
chemistry type with phenoxyethanol

++ recommended

*For country-specific details, please contact your technical service representative.

sustainability features

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