lubrasil* microemulsions

chemistry: acrylates

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Lubrasil microemulsions are clathrates of glyceryl acrylate and polyacrylic acid that enclose water molecules. Hydrophilic gels consisting of a solvent, humectants and a polymer, as a thickening agent, this range of products delivers moisturizing benefits and unique sensory attributes including enhanced lubricity.

Lubrasil* microemulsions add the smooth feel of silicone with the incorporation of dimethicone in a microemulsion.

These silicone-containing formulations are multifunctional. As an emollient, film former and water-resistant additive, the product range delivers advanced lubricity, moisturization and feel.

Note: Lubrasil* microemulsions are manufactured for Ashland Inc. by Guardian Laboratories, a division of United-Guardian, Inc. The products are marketed and sold exclusively by Ashland in the Americas and selected parts of Europe and Asia; not available through Ashland in the UK, France and Italy. 

*Lubrasil is a registered trademark of United-Guardian, Inc.

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