chronogen™ yst biofunctional

chemistry: biofunctionals

INCI/chemical name: Water (aqua) (and) glycerin (and) hydrolized yeast protein

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inspired by clock genes, sync your skin for a younger, fresher look

Chronogen™ yst from Ashland’s Vincience laboratories in France is one of the first biofunctional ingredients inspired by clock genes, and is designed to provide a cosmetic solution to the deleterious effects of social jetlag on the skin. Social jetlag is a new field of studies connected to health problems in modern societies. Social jetlag is a mismatch between the body’s biological clock and sleep patterns which can often be linked to late-night social activities (television, online activities, personal hobbies...).

Chronogen™ yst is a extract that introduces an innovative approach to help skin maintain the proper synchronization of key day and night regulators and is a modern age defying approach to help strengthen the skin’s capabilities for protection and self-renewal.

key features

  • clock genes - In the past two decades, research has uncovered the mechanisms responsible for circadian rhythms within cells. In 2017, the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine was awarded for the elucidation of the molecular mechanisms controlling circadian rhythms. The cellular “timekeeping” tempo, comparable to a metronome, is produced by a molecular oscillator involving the clock genes such as CLOCK, BMAL, PER and CRY.
  • cell synchronization - Clock genes represent a major anti-aging breakthrough strategy in cosmetic science. They are key regulators that play a central role in 43% of gene expression.
  • social jetlag - Social jetlag and sleep deprivation are important modern society health concerns that demand cosmetic solutions such as chronogen™ yst.

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sustainability features

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