antaron™ eco ethylcellulose

chemistry: Cellulosics

INCI: Ethylcellulose

nature-derived, water-resistant film former

Consumers want planet-friendly sun care solutions that provide safe and easy-to-apply sun protection. Antaron™ eco is based on sustainably-sourced, zero-deforestation, wood-derived cellulose. In addition, this ingredient is made in a water-based manufacturing process, minimizing the use of solvents. This globally-approved film former provides high water resistance at a low use level of 0.5% in most formulations.  

key features:

  • derived from sustainably-sourced cellulose
  • listed on global chemical inventories (including Australia, Canada, China)
  • high total renewable content , 68-70% natural origin content¹
  • excellent water resistance
  • great formula aesthetics
  • Halal, Kosher certified


  • sun care emulsions, gels, and alcohol sprays
  • daily moisturizer or primer
  • foundations, bb/cc creams
  • lipsticks and eye products

 May 2020 Cover story 

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Ashland antaron™ eco ethylcellulose for sun care



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sustainability features

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