antaron™ soja glyceride

INCI/chemical name: maleated soybean oil glyceryl/octyldodecanol esters

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antaron™ soja glyceride is a nature derived, biodegradable film former that delivers water resistance and SPF boosting benefits to sun care and color cosmetic formulations. Antaron™ soja glyceride enables the creation of more natural sun care creams, lotions, gels, and color cosmetics. 

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features and benefits

sustainability highlights

  • nature derived (over 82% natural origin content according to ISO 16128-2:2017)
  • inherently biodegradable
  • non-GMO
  • vegan suitable

key applications benefits

  • delivers excellent water resistance
  • boosts the SPF of sunscreen formulations
  • provides transfer resistance to color cosmetics
  • imparts a non-greasy, cushiony skin feel
  • minerals tolerant
  • effective across wide pH range (4-8)
  • suitable for clear formulations
  • easy to use liquid format
  • cold processible

  • sunscreens
  • color cosmetics
  • skin care creams and lotions

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sustainability features

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