who protects against air toxins on your skin?

serenityl™ biofunctional


Consumers are looking for solutions to help protect their skin against exposure from toxins - created by exposure to pollution or cigarette smoke, while at the same time they are looking to improve their lifestyle with healthier diet, improved fitness and a focus on mental wellbeing.

Serenityl is inspired from nature, a biofunctional ingredient made from the Condurango bark, which has been used for centuries in the high valleys of the Andes as a natural antidote to snake venom, as well as its use in herbal medicine for detoxification and calming benefits.

Serenityl can help skin achieve a healthier look and feel – through a new approach towards skin detoxination.

Skin detoxination is defined as the capacity of the skin to both ‘sense’ and eliminate toxins. The skin has the capacity to sense toxins from the environment and increase skin barrier function in response, thus preventing toxins from affecting the skin cells. Likewise, the skin can eliminate metabolic toxins through the autophagy process, a process that is known to decline with age

Serenityl is associated with skin detoxination benefits. Tests on ex vivo human skin show that Serenityl is associated with observed increases in taste receptor TAS2R38 and skin barrier function. Likewise, Serenityl is associated with observed increases in the autophagy markers LC3 and LAMP2, which contribute to improved elimination of toxins in aged skin.


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