Jaypol™ polymers

Chemistry: Acrylates

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Jaypol™ polymers act as thickeners of aqueous systems. Jaypol 213 polymer is designed for low pH applications while Jaypol AT4 polymer is recommended for alkaline pH applications.  These polymers form aggregate networks that structure water, effectively modifying its appearance and flow. Raising viscosity with Jaypol polymers will help improve a formulation’s aesthetics, stabilize emulsions and dispersion, or improve product handling.

Home Care Features and Benefits

  • thickens aqueous cleaning products across range of pH values
  • provides thick and rich texture and vertical cling to formulations
  • suspends particles, capsules and enzymes (Jaypol 213 polymer)
  • improves formulation handling and aesthetics in use
  • helps stabilize emulsion and dispersions

Home Care Applications

  • fabric conditioners
  • neutral and alkaline pH detergent compositions




Ionic charge

typical pH use ranges

Jaypol™ 213 polymer

Poly(2-dimethylamino) ethyl methacrylate methyl chloride quaternary salt



Jaypol™ AT4 polymer

hydrophobically modified alkali swellable emulsion (HASE) acrylate polymer.




Click here to learn more about Jaypol 213 and / or to request a sample.

Click here to learn more about Jaypol AT4 and / or to request a sample.

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