gantrez™ polymers

chemistry: maleic anhydride polymers and copolymers

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Gantrez™ polymers (a-425, es-225, es-335, es-425, es-435, sp-215) are a series of copolymers of monoalkyl esters of poly (methyl vinyl ether/maleic acid) with varying ester groups, supplied as clear, viscous solutions. The gantrez™ polymers form tough, clear glossy films. Films exhibit tack-free adhesion, have excellent substantivity, and moisture resistance.  

Film properties and solubility can be modified by the type and degree of neutralization, allowing formulation across product lines from regular hold to super hold and from a natural, soft feel to a firmer, harder holding finish.

Gantrez™ polymers are soluble in alcohols, esters, ketones and glycol ethers and have good compatibility with aerosol propellants. They can also be used in both low and high VOC formulations.

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