gafquat™ one step styling and conditioning polymers

chemistry: polyquaterniums and quaternium esters

INCI/chemical name: Polyquaternium-11 Gafquat™ 755 N polymer, Gafquat™ 440 polymer; Polyquaternium-28 Gafquat™ HS-100 polymer

gafquat™ 440, 755N, HS-100 polymers


Gafquat™ cationic conditioning copolymers are film formers with enhanced substantivity and are specially designed for use in hair care applications like hair mousses, leave-on detangling products and hair gels, to provide multifunctional benefits such as styling and conditioning. Gafquat™ series, developed by Ashland, provides hair styling with a smoother, more conditioned hair feel and helps to protect against thermal and mechanical damage caused by brushing and blow drying.

key features

  • styling and conditioning in one step
  • flexible hold
  • thermal protection from brush and blow dry styling applications
  • resistance to high humidity
  • excellent detangling effect
  • easy wet combing
  • enhances natural shine and luster
  • no tack during dry down

quaternized copolymer with enhanced substantivity

  • gafquat™ 755 N is a high molecular weight product (20% solution)
  • gafquat™ 440 is a medium molecular weight product (30% solution)
  • gafquat™ hs-100 is a high molecular weight product (20% solution)

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formulation ideas

Gafquat™ series polymer can be used in mousses, gels, serums, pomades, waxes, pastes, styling sprays, conditioning rinses, leave-in treatments, and detangling sprays.

formulation benefits

  • creates flexible films
  • compatible with nonionic and cationic polymers
  • water and alcohol compatible
  • thickened with nonionic thickeners
  • process dependent with anionic thickeners



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