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ganex™ sensory



Antaron (Ganex) Sensory is a water dispersible polymer that has a unique hydrophobic character, and is capable of forming a mesh over the sunscreen film that will lay on the skin. The mesh protects the film, giving it great water resistance and imparting a superior sensory feel when the formulation dries. This functionality enhances the homogenous distribution of UV filters in the formulation. Consumer data generated on formulations containing the polymer confirmed the breakthrough sensory feel it imparts on formulations with and without sun filters.

key features and benefits

  • Water resistance: The polymer architecture provides high performance water resistance, which helps sunscreen formulators develop products with substantial water resistance.
  • Sensory feel: Consumers prefer the non-greasy feel and skin comfort, even in high SPF formulations. This can help increase the user’s confidence in end use product effectiveness and help meet active outdoor consumer needs.
  • Emulsion stability: It is the first choice of formulators as it´s cold processable, water dispersible and easy to formulate with — which helps achieve improved emulsion stability.

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