Benecel™ HPMC

beyond thickening

Thickener choices can not only impact formulation viscosity but sensorial aspects too. Multifunctional Benecel™ hydroxypropyl methylcellulose (HPMC) products are nature-derived rheology modifiers that enhance the sensory experience. Benecel™ HPMC is available in a wide range of grades to suit all your thickening challenges.

Derived from cellulose, a natural, abundant and renewable resource, Benecel™ HPMC products are water-soluble, non-ionic polymers. Benecel™ HPMC products are efficient thickeners and film formers that enhance foam production and foam stabilization in surfactant systems for improved foam quality that is longer lasting. Due to its non-ionic character, Benecel™ is compatible with most commonly used surfactants, enabling optical clarity in formulations.

features and benefits

  • efficient thickening builds viscosity to provide a rich, luxurious texture
  • enhances foam production and foam stability for improved foam quality that is longer lasting
  • helps to promote stability in emulsions
  • nature-derived from cellulose
  • excellent surfactant compatibility enabling clear formulations


hair care 

  • shampoos, including sulfate free and low surfactant style formulations
  • clear and emulsion type conditioners
  • styling gels

skin care

  • clear and opaque bodywashes, shower gels, facial cleansers
  • liquid hand soaps
  • hand sanitizers
  • bar soaps
  • bath additives
  • shaving creams and gels



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