culminal™ & benecel™ methyl cellulose derivatives

chemistry: cellulosics

Methyl cellulose derivatives are widely used in advanced ceramics as e.g. green strength binders for ceramic extrusion. Examples are emission control ceramics as well as catalyst carriers for use in industrial processes.

Depending on the chemistry of the binder (or combinations of binders used) the rheological profile changes.

The formulations can be fine-tuned by picking the right binder or binder combination to

  • achieve the correct plasticity of the ceramic mass
  • improve / secure excellent extrudability
  • control extrusion pressure
  • allow extrusion in a specific temperature window depending on extruder design
  • lead to the desired green strength through optimized gel formation (thermal gelation) and strength
  • support the controlled drying process
  • burn out almost residue-free during the firing process due to the organic nature of the binder

Culminal™ & benecel™ products are available in:

  • different chemistries (MC, MHEC, MHPC)
  • various substitution levels, depending on end application needs
  • low to very high molecular weight
  • very fine to coarse particle size
  • treated for easy incorporation into water (retarded solubility) or non-treated



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