blo™ gamma butyrolactone

chemistry: intermediates and solvents

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BLO butyrolactone solvent, also known as gamma-Butyrolactone, is a polar solvent for ionic substrates and functions as an acid donor in aqueous media at elevated temperatures.

Although blo solvent is stable under a wide range of conditions, at elevated temperatures and in the presence of appropriate reagents, it serves as an intermediate in a variety of useful syntheses such as:

  • Precursor to 2-pyrrolidone and the extensive family of alkyl pyrrolidones produced from ammonia and primary amines.
  • Reacting with phenols to yield phenoxybutyric acid derivatives with applications in pharmaceuticals and as photographic coupling agents.

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BLO can also be used to clean circuit boards, used as a co-solvent for photoresist strippers and as a reaction medium for color photoresist resins.