Soteras™ MSi binder

Use Soteras MSi binder for up to 30% better capacity retention, better performance at high charge rates and less swelling in silicon-based anodes.

Soteras MSi binder is a unique water-based binder for high-capacity silicon-based anodes in lithium ion batteries. It controls swelling, resulting in superior cycle performance at capacities greater than 400 mAh/g when used with silicon oxide (SiOx), silicon composite (SiC) or silicon graphene (Si-Gr) technologies. Combined with these silicon technologies, the Soteras MSi binder helps lithium ion battery cell producers increase capacity by up to 30 percent.  Flexible and strong, Soteras MSi binder is compatible with current industry processing requirements.

The Soteras MSi binder offers good electrochemical stability, enabling producers to design batteries with a wider voltage range than they can with conventional binders. The binder also has good slurry properties, which facilitate smooth coated surfaces on the collector and help prevent battery failure.

The binder of choice for silicon-containing anodes.

Soteras MSi binder has better capacity retention in all three types of silicon-based anodes.  In testing on a silicon oxide carbon anode at 420 mAh/g, for example, the Soteras MSi binder retained more than 90% percent of its charge after 100 cycles. By contrast, the CMC + SB binder retained less than 70%.

The Soteras MSi binder also outperforms the conventional binder at high charge rates. And its superior adhesion contributes to longer cycle life. 

The Soteras MSi binder is a two-component system, added at a 95:5 powder to liquid ratio. Suggested dosage is 2.5-5 wt % of anode active material, depending on target capacity.


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