Coatings Trends and Technologies

Ashland Coatings will be presenting a technical paper discussing "Quantification and Relationships of Nonionic Synthetic Associative Thickeners (NSATs) for Wet Film Appearance During Application" at the 2017 Coatings Trends and Technologies Conference, October 15-18, in Lombard, IL. More information about this 2-day event can be found on the conference website here.


As new chemistries and raw material technologies rise, formulators can improve their coatings with added long term benefits for their customers. However, the desire of customers (homeowners or professionals) to maintain an even and satisfactory dried film appearance remains constant and sometimes supersedes added benefits from raw materials. Formulators must understand the relationships and interactions between raw materials to provide their customers with a satisfactory product from wet application to dried appearance.

Rheology modifiers play an important role in controlling the interactions of a coating’s binder during various shear conditions ranging from the flow when the coating is left undisturbed to the roller application of a paint. Relating the chemistries of various nonionic synthetic associative thickeners (NSATs) to the quantification of speed, distance, and energy an applicator exerts to apply a paint would help screen for optimal paint performance and perceived quality. This paper will explore the relationships of NSATs with different compositions at various viscosities in a paint formulation to provide end-use homeowners and professionals with an even film that is enjoyable to apply.

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