New product introduction at India customer event

Who innovates for architectural paints? We do.

Ashland recently launched several new products at a seminar held at ITC Maratha, Mumbai, India.

The event included detailed presentations of new product launches by technical experts and a live demonstration for customers to experience the quality of Ashland's products.

Customers presented their questions to Ashland’s technical experts following the presentations.

At the end of the interactive session, customers shared their feedback about the following new products:

  • Natrosol™ HHBR 5070 is a new ultra-high MW HEC version with superior biostability and thickening efficiency.
  • Natrosol Plus HE is a biostable, hydrophobically modified cellulosic thickener for mid-premium paints. It offers superior spatter resistance, applied hiding and exceptional in-can feel Vs conventional HEC.
  • Aquaflow™ NMS 460 E is a new solvent-free, tin free and efficient mid-shear synthetic thickener.
  • Aquaflow XLS 535 is a unique low-shear effective and solvent free Aquaflow with faster equilibrium viscosity and virtually drip free application.

To learn more about these new products, contact one of our solvers

Ashland also shared information on Drewplus™ and Advantage™ foam control agents and Dextrol™ and Strodex™ phosphate ester surfactant technology from its existing product portfolio.





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