Natrosol™ FPS fluidized polymer suspension

chemistry: cellulosics

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Natrosol™ FPS fluidized polymer suspensions are solvent-free liquid versions of Natrosol hydroxyethylcellulose (HEC). Virtually all viscosity grades of Natrosol commonly used in paint and coatings, including Regular, B-types and Natrosol Plus, are also available in a fluidized (FPS) version. HEC polymer is pre-dispersed in a stabilized aqueous media, creating an easy-to-handle, pourable, pumpable liquid cellulosic thickener.

Natrosol FPS can be easily added to the grind, but is most advantageous when added directly to the let-down stage of paint making, where it readily disperses and incorporates quickly without lumping. FPS is also commonly used as a post-thickener to adjust the final viscosity of finished batches.

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