drewplus* foam control agents

chemistry: specialty additives

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Take control of your foam with Drewplus* foam control agents

Drewplus* foam control agents (FCA) from Ashland are leading technologies within an ever-expanding portfolio of additives that improve the performance of decorative paints and industrial coatings, as well as water-based adhesives, graphic art systems, polymers and polymer dispersions

Drewplus* foam control agents are formulated without the use of alkylphenolethoxylates (APEO) and are available in a variety of cost-effective chemistries based on mineral oils and renewably-sourced components. For high-performance coatings, Drewplus* polysiloxane-based compounds and emulsions deliver proven results using proprietary quick bubble-break and dissolution technologies to control foam and improve the flow and levelling properties in multiple industrial and specialty applications.

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Drewplus* L-3500 and L-3510 foam control agents are designed to control micro foam in water-based, spray-applied industrial coatings.  




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