Aquaflow™ ECO-300

chemistry: aquaflow

Aquaflow™ nonionic synthetic associative thickeners (NSATs) are efficient thickeners for high-performance waterborne paints and coatings. These NSATs build rheology in paints and coatings through self-association and interaction with other ingredients.

Aquaflow™ rheology modifiers are based on hydrophobically-modified polyacetal-polyether (HM-PAPE) chemistry and are designed to function as a drop-in replacement for urethane-type (HEUR) thickeners. They also work well in conjunction with hydroxyethylcellulose (HEC/HMHEC) and other nonionic cellulose ethers.

Aquaflow™ ECO-300 is a high shear effective rheology modifier based on Aquaflow™ NHS-300 liquid delivery form.

Aquaflow™ ECO-300 rheology modifier is meeting the need for biocide-free rheology additives and addressing an increasing environmental awareness by delivering the product in a 100% active solid dosage form.


  • biocide-free
  • CO2 reduction from shipping in solid delivery form
  • recyclable paper packaging



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