Gafchromic™ films are designed to provide fast and highly accurate measurements for radiotherapy applications.

RTQA2 films are designed for radiotherapy machine quality assurance including, but not limited to, light field alignment tests, radiation field alignment tests, Star Shot test, Picket Fence test, Flatness and Symmetry test, and position verification for high dose rate brachytherapy.

Dose Range: 0.2 GY – 10 GY

Energy Range: 100 KeV into the MV range

product  format product code
RTQA2-1010 10”x10”, 25 sheets per box 828217
RTQA2-1417 13.8”x17”, 10 sheets per box 828219
RTQA2-111 1.25”x11”, 25 strips per box 828218
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