Gafchromic™ Quick™ Phantom

The Gafchromic™ Quick™ Phantom was designed for fast and accurate end-to-end testing for patient treatment verification. Gafchromic™ EBT3P film is customized EBT3 film for use in the Quick™ Phantom. The EBT3P film has holes in the film that correspond to the pins in the Quick™ Phantom to prevent film movement and provides automated registration. The Quick™ Phantom  offers unprecedented speed, convenience and accuracy for Radiation Therapy QA procedures using radiochromic film.


  • phantom body- two slabs of Plastic Water water-equivalent to within 1% from 160 keV to 25 MeV
  • dimensions: 29 x 32 x 5 cm3
  • phantom positioning –with a standard two-pin indexing bar the groove located on the bottom of the phantom, the Quick™ Phantom provides quick, accurate and repeatable positioning of the phantom on both CT and treatment couches
  • film position is indexed to the treatment couch allowing the comparison of the dose measurements to the treatment plan to be regarded as true end-to-end QA test of the treatment system
  • asymmetric features and fiducial patterning for correct orientation recognition in TPS
  • film positioning pins – The asymmetric placement of two film registration pins in the Quick™ phantom and the corresponding two-hole pattern on Gafchromic™ EBT3P film means there is only one possible orientation for the film in the phantom
  • FilmQA Pro™ software has an unique feature that recognizes the fiducial pattern on the film image and automatically aligns it with the treatment plan for quick and accurate analysis and facilitates end-to-end QA test of the treatment system
  • The Quick™ Phantom is also available with an optional 2 cm thick slab of Plastic Water for pin-point Ion Chamber insertion 
    • this slab is cut to lock to center while sandwiching the film. Available for A14, A1SL, and 31016 ion chamberthe 
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product format product code
Gafchromic™ Quick™ Phantom starter package 29 x 32 x 5 cmwith one box of EBT3P 842062
Gafchromic™ Quick™ Phantom Insert for Ion Chamber A14 11.417” x 12.598” 864037
Gafchromic™ Quick™ Phantom Insert for Ion Chamber A1SL 11.417” x 12.598” 864038
Gafchromic™ Quick™ Phantom Insert for Ion Chamber 31016 11.417” x 12.598” 862903
Gafchromic™ EBT3P 8x10”; 25 sheets 841975





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