Gafchromic™ films are designed to provide fast and highly accurate measurements for Gamma and X-ray dosimetry applications.

When used with specifically designed Film QA Pro™ software, Gafchromic™ film provides the most complete and accurate dosimetric measurement. Instant high- resolution images provide the high data integrity needed to increase confidence and peace of mind for both the physicist and the patient alike.

HD-V2 films are an unlaminated film. Unlaminated films do not have the top layer of the film which allows for the active chemistry to be exposed. HD-V2 is designed primarily for low energy photon and electron detection, research applications, high dose dosimetry, and sterilization applications.

Dose Range: Up to 1000 GY

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HD-V2-810 8”x10”, 10 sheets per box 947344
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