rad-sure™ blood irradiation indicators

chemistry: radiochromic film

the standard for blood irradiation indicators for 25+ years

Transfusion-associated graft-versus-host disease (TA-GvHD), a rare complication of blood transfusions, is usually fatal. TA-GvHD can be prevented by irradiating blood products prior to transfusion.

Rad-sure™ blood irradiation indicators are an FDA 510(k) cleared medical device that provide positive visual verification of irradiation at the minimum specified dose that helps medical professionals and patients know the blood products have been irradiated properly.

Before a blood product and its attached indicator are irradiated, the word “NOT” is visible, and the indicator reads “NOT Irradiated”. After the blood product and its attached indicator are irradiated, the word “NOT” is obscured, and the indicator reads “IRRADIATED”.

Manufactured using gafchromic™ film, the world’s highest resolution dosimeter, rad-sure™ blood irradiation indicators can be used for both gamma and x-ray sources.  

product features:

  • stable for storage at room temperature
  • compatible with X-Ray and Gamma irradiation sources
  • meet cGMP requirements
  • ISBT 128 bar-coded lot numbers
  • color-blind friendly

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Rad-sure™ blood irradiation indicators have obtained U.S. FDA 510(k) clearance




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