RAD-SURE™ blood irradiation indicators

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Rad-Sure™ is a blood irradiation indicator that provides positive visual verification of irradiation at the minimum specified dose. Rad-Sure™ is available in two types: Gamma and X-Ray. Gamma is compatible with Cesium-137 or Cobalt-60 radiation sources and X-Ray is compatible with x-ray irradiators that utilize x-rays generated from 160kVp sources that are filtered through 0.38 mm of copper, or 150kVp sources that are filtered through 1 mm of aluminum. Manufactured from Gafchromic™ film, the world’s highest resolution dosimeter, Rad-Sure is the standard for blood irradiation indicators for over 25 years.

When attached to blood products, Rad-Sure™ blood irradiation indicators show whether the blood products have been irradiated. Before a blood product and its attached indicator are irradiated, the indicator reads “NOT IRRADIATED”. After the blood product and its attached indicator are irradiated, the word “NOT” is obscured and the indicator reads “IRRADIATED”.

Product Features:

  • indicators can now be stored at room temperature!
  • meets cGMP requirements
  • easy to use: just peel, stick, irradiate, and read!
  • ISBT 128 bar-coded lot numbers
  • minimum dose of 15 Gy or 25 Gy available
  • Rad-Sure™ indicators adhere to AABB standards and hold the AABB seal of compliance

Rad-Sure™ 25Gy Gamma


Rad-Sure™ XR-25Gy


Rad-Sure™ blood irradiation indicators gamma and x-ray versions have obtained U.S. FDA 510(k) clearance.. For more information about Rad-Sure or how to order, contact us.


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