polyclar™ endure beverage clarifier

chemistry: vp & derivatives

ingredient name: polyvinylpolypyrrolidone

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Polyclar™ Endure regeneration-grade beer stabilizer is a very effective, 100% PVPP stabilizer. It is optimized for regeneration use, either on its own or in conjunction with other stabilizers, offering a highly effective means of preventing non-biological haze in all types of beer.

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features and benefits
  •  regeneration-grade PVPP, requiring a dedicated secondary regeneration filter
  • effective and highly selective removal of haze-producing polyphenols
  • protection against chill haze and permanent haze development
  • prevents oxidation of flavonoids, which contributes to harsh, astringent, and stale flavors in beer
  • no negative impact on foam, flavor, or other quality parameters
  • applicable in most PVPP regeneration systems
  • no labeling required
  • compatible with all regenerative filter brands

  • beer

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