EcoDura™ PLONOR liquid additives

Chemistry: Cellulosics

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EcoDura™ PLONOR liquid additives are a series of aqueous fluidized polymer suspensions (FPS) of hydroxyethylcellulose (HEC), designed for use in various oil-well servicing fluids, including drilling fluids, oil-well cement slurries, and completion/workover fluids. These additives are made exclusively from the PLONOR (Pose Little Or NO Risk) list of chemicals developed for use in environmentally sensitive locations, especially the North Sea, the Gulf of Mexico and other offshore operations.

EcoDura PLONOR liquid additives are a high-solids (20 percent by weight), pourable and pumpable FPS of a variety of HEC grades designed to provide both good water retention and rheology control of oil-well servicing fluids.

Depending upon the molecular weight of the suspended HEC, EcoDura PLONOR liquid additives are an effective fluid rheology modifier, fluid loss reducer, suspending agent and lubricant. EcoDura PLONOR liquid additives are versatile – easily dispersed and dissolved in cold or hot water to produce solutions of varying viscosities.

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In the oil and gas market, EcoDura aqueous fluidized polymer suspension offers the following benefits:

  • High active content suspension
  • Readily dispersible and easily dissolves
  • Compatible with virtually all other additives for water-based systems
  • PLONOR rated