Delaware STEM Educator Awards 2022

For nine years, Ashland has recognized outstanding educators in Delaware. In their own words, the videos on this page capture the impact and challenges they have educating the next generation of scientists, technologists, engineers, mathematicians and more.

Though we may not realize it, everyday thousands of teachers wake up ready to engage and inspire the next generation of STEM solvers — students who, with a little encouragement and support, can turn a natural curiosity into a lifelong passion. Nowhere is that truer than with Delaware STEM Educators. Every year, these tireless teachers are recognized by the Delaware STEM Council for work that takes place in classrooms, labs, and communities across the state, all focused on revealing the wonders of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. 

As the title sponsor of the Delaware STEM Educator Awards, Ashland sat down with these inspiring educators to understand better what they are working on, how Ashland can further help to help bring the world of Responsible Solvers™ to their classrooms. 

In 2022, the focus was on the world of opportunity that the Delaware STEM Educators bring to so many children. Topics like the next big issue facing the planet, how students can get involved and what success looks like in the real world, make a career in STEM possible to so many children and young adults. During the Delaware STEM Educator Awards, a dozen teachers received Excellence in Science Awards for a wide range of projects and programs including distance learning, early science education and STEM career-based programming. Five additional educators were singled out for special recognition including Maya Sethuraman from Princeton Day School who received the Edyth Malin Association for Women in Science- Philadelphia Chapter (AWISPHL) Award and Steffanie Jones from Unionville High School, recipient of the Board of Directors Award. 

Delaware STEM purpose 

What is the next big problem to solve in STEM?
Hear directly from students and teachers about problems and solutions on the immediate horizon related to STEM.

STEM impact from Delaware educators




Why are companies like Ashland so important to STEM programs? 
Hear from students and teachers about why corporate partnerships are so important.

What kind of STEM programs are you involved in? 
A great overview of the variety of programs captured at the Delaware STEM Educator Awards, touching on every age and grade level.

What does success in STEM look like? 
A fascinating look at what success means to different students and teachers, depending on their goals, interests and grade level.

What STEM issues do you think teachers and students will deal with 20 years from now? 
Flash forward two decades for a fascinating look at the problems and potential solutions students and teachers think future generations of STEM advocates will tackle.