North American Quality Documentation

Manufacturing Facility and Product Specific Quality Documentation

North America Quality Documentation: Manufacturing Facilities

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Facility Certification


2019 Kosher Certification

2020 Halal Certification

Calvert City     

2020 Halal Certification

2019 Kosher Certification: Butyrolactone

2019 Kosher Certification: Polyclar 10

2019 Kosher Certification: Gantrez

2019 Kosher Certification: Surfadone™ LP-100

 Calvert City EXCiPACT Certificate


2020 Halal Certification


2020 Halal Certification

Columbus EFfCI Certificate


2019 Kosher Certification: Polyclar Brewbrite

Freetown Halal Certification

Freetown EFfCI Certificate


FSSC 22000 Certification

2019-2020 Kosher Certification: CMC

2019-2020 Kosher Certification: EC

2020 Halal Certification


2019-2020 Kosher Certification HPC

Hopewell HEC EFfCI Certificate

Hopewell EXCiPACT Certificate


Kenedy Plant Halal Certification

 Texas City

2020 Halal Certification: Texas City

2019 Kosher Certification: NMP, Micropure™, M-Pyrol™, Polyplasdone™

2019 Kosher Certification: Easy-Wet 20

2019 Kosher Certification: Surfadone™ LP-100

2019 Kosher Certification: Polyclar Super R

 2019 Kosher Certification: Butyrolactone, Plasdone, Polyplasdone, and Polyclar

Texas City EXCiPACT Certificate

Wilmington, DE

2020 Halal Certification

2019 Kosher Certification

Wilmington EXCiPACT Certificate

FSCC 22000 EXCiPACT Certificate

North American Quality Certification: Product Specific

1.  2019 Halal Certification

2.  2019 Halal Certification: Cyclodextrins W6, W7, W8

3.  2020 Kosher Certification: Surfadone LP-100


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