webinar: Who perfects your style, naturally? styleze™ csp polymer


Dec 10, 2020


11:00 AM


live webinar

date: Thursday, December 10, 2020
time: 11:00 am New York Time / 5:00 pm Paris time - live
length: one hour (includes Q&A)

Finding more natural styling polymers with the strong hold and stiffness that consumers expect based on performance from synthetic polymers like PVP is challenging.

Styleze™ CSP polymer is a nature-derived, film-former that delivers strong hold and high levels of stiffness in styling products. Based on cassia seeds, this polysaccharide derivative can be used in combination with other polymers to provide formulators with a solution to get PVP-type stiffness from a nature-based polymer.

Styleze™ CSP polymer helps create naturally-positioned styling formulas where initial stiffness and strong hold is desired.

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