webinar: who drinks up a challenge? we do.


Nov 25, 2020



time: 9:30 am India time; 11:00 am Bangkok / VN time; 12 noon Singapore/ Philippines time; 1:00 pm Japan / Korea time; 2:00 pm AU time

In this webinar, Dr. Wongthongdee, will talk about use of cellulosics for beverages. Ashland’s hydrocolloids are an excellent solution for low-pH beverages and other dairy-based products where stabilizers are needed for optimal shelf life, viscosity and mouthfeel. For example, acidified-milk drinks, which are popular in many countries, may develop protein destabilization. Lowering of pH by the addition of flavors or by the activity of lactic acid-producing bacteria may cause separation of serum due to aggregation of milk proteins. Cellulose gum stabilizes the proteins, preventing serum separation in acidified milk drinks by increasing the viscosity and electrostatic repulsion.

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