Oct 23 - 25, 2019


Berlin, Germany



Visit Ashland’s booth at SEPAWA to discover solutions to some of the most complex formulation challenges in laundry and hard surface cleaning applications.

Ashland is a leading supplier of commercial technologies that solve some of the most complex formulation challenges in laundry, dishwashing and hard surface cleaning applications. These technologies address an ongoing need to improve soil removal from various substrates and hold it in suspension, as well as emerging needs such as lending protective properties to clothes, surfaces and dishes. Ashland’s recent formulation solutions include: improved product sustainability profiles with efficient cold-water cleaning and improved color protection of clothes during cleaning in laundry care; improved mineral scale prevention to reduce spotting and more effective disintegration of tablets and solids in dishwashing; and improved wetting on ceramic, wood, steel and glass surfaces as well as improved foam and rheology in hard surface cleaning. Bring your toughest challenges to booth A102.

The annual SEPAWA Congress is the groundbreaking event for the detergents/cleansers, cosmetics and fragrance industry in Europe. With over 150 lectures and poster presentations and above 260 exhibitors, the SEPAWA Congress offers a wealth of information to more than 3,000 participants.

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