JEC World 2018


Mar 06 - 09, 2018


5:00 PM


Paris, France


L41 Hall 5A

JEC World is the only trade show that unites the global composite industry: an indication of the industry's commitment to an international platform where users can find a full spectrum of processes, new materials, and composite solutions.

Join the Ashland team, here are our booth highlights -

Instint has gone digital!

In conjunction with NIX, a portable color sensor, we can now scan any color in the rainbow and instantly and precisely create your gelcoat in your desired color. Instint has been providing high-quality gelcoats to 50 Instint machines across Europe, dispensing over 4,000 colors for the last 10 years. This new innovation means that we will be able to match any color exactly and make it in a shorter timeframe.

Derakane™ new developments

For over the last 50 years Derakane™ epoxy vinyl ester resins has set the standard for excellence in corrosion-resistance. We will reveal its latest development to the Derakane product line – which brings significant and unique advantages.

Come to our booth to meet our solvers and see what is new.