Controlled Release Society (CRS) 46th Annual Meeting


Jul 21 - 24, 2019


Valencia, Spain



From controlled release to solubilization, we have the solution for you.

Visit the Ashland solvers at CRS at booth 411 to discuss solutions for oral solids and injectables, and how we can assist with your modified release drug delivery needs. Bring us your challenges to explore how we can work together to solve intricate drug formulation and development challenges with customized Ashland solutions.

advancing drug delivery through superior polymer design

Along with exhibiting our oral solid and injectable controlled release technologies, one of our solvers will be presenting on Solubility Enhancement Using Hot Melt Extrusion Technology on Saturday, July 20 from 2:00–2:40 PM during the pre-meeting workshop entitled Basic Concepts of Oral Drug Delivery; What you Need to Know.

We will also be presenting the following posters:

o Bioresorbable synthetic copolymers as improved 3rd generation cardiac stent building materials

o PEG-functionalized bioresorbable co-polyesters as improved guidance conduit materials for peripheral nerve regeneration

o PLGA microspheres integrated within a HA-based hydrogel as an injectable  system for cartilage regeneration

o Roles of material properties and compression process in particle deformability  of bilayer tablets

Contact us to schedule a meeting or visit our solvers at booth 411.

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