Avant Institute Symposium 2019


Dec 19, 2019


1041 U.S. Highway 202/206, Bridgewater, NJ 08807

The changing face of cosmetics – from natural ingredients to natural beauty

The increasing consumer demand for personal care products containing “natural” ingredients poses challenging issues for the industry.

Trends in natural ingredients change quickly and the amount and type of safety and efficacy data for these ingredients may be of variable quality and quantity.

In addition to consumer desire for more “natural” products, environmental stewardship is a key concern for the industry, including the fate and biodegradability of ingredients as they enter the environment through various mechanisms, the cases of microplastics and anti-bacterial additives being most prominent. As such, it is important that businesses in the industry are aware of important standards set forth by ISO and ANSI for biodegradability and “naturalness”.

On December 19th, the AVANT Institute will host a symposium focused on these issues, “The Changing Face of Cosmetics – From Natural Ingredients to Natural Beauty”, in Bridgewater, NJ. The conference audience will be invited R&D scientists from major companies in the personal care industry with whom Ashland has significant technical collaborations.

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