Prequel™ liquid reactive size agents

Prequel liquid reactive size agents make up a family of products that are produced by custom-blending an alkenyl succinic anhydride (ASA) size with an alkenyl ketene dimer (ANKD) size in specific ratios.

Depending on the paper grade produced, different amounts of ASA size and ANKD size are used to produce the ideal Prequel product for that grade. The resulting product combines the sizing characteristics of ASA size with the cleanliness of ANKD size to deliver superior paper machine sizing. 

Commercial applications confirm that the sizing performance and cleanliness of Prequel liquid reactive size agents far surpass those of other commercially available size technologies. 

Prequel liquid reactive size agents are ideal for machines that run low first-pass retention, as well as machines that are prone to deposits and picking, and that require on-machine sizing development. 

A variety of Prequel liquid reactive size agents are available for both neutral and alkaline paper grades. To ensure optimum paper machine sizing, your Ashland sales representative will work with you to select the most appropriate Prequel product and starch for your specific application.

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Internal Sizing

Prequel liquid reactive size agents provide superior sizing performance in neutral and alkaline paper grades. Commercial applications confirm this and typically result in a number of value-added benefits.

● Reduced deposits
● Improved sheet quality
● Improved sizing
● Improved productivity

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Your Ashland sales representative can help you select the appropriate Prequel liquid reactive size agent, based on your papermaking system and end-use sizing requirements. This chart gives some indication of product choices available to meet specific system operating conditions.

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