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Squeaky clean but not wishy washy solutions

Though microscopic, germs can wreak havoc at home, schools, and businesses - even on cruise ships. A clean home is a healthy home, and that goes for institutions and industrial locations as well.  Parents of children in day care, know all too well, how fast and easily germs can, and do, spread. From dishes and floors to counters and clothes the Ashland team cleans up when it comes to finding solutions to keep your environments clean and healthy. Keep everything ship shape with Ashland.

Our full range of products combined with our formulation architecture expertise and technical experience provide solutions for almost every cleaning environment and challenge. From institutional and industrial to home care, Ashland products can help with almost every situation from providing better cling for toilet bowl cleaners to prevent dye from transferring in the wash. Our complete line of encapsulates can deliver color and fragrance, for that just cleaned feeling. For all your cleansing challenges, Ashland has a squeaky clean solution.

Hard Surface
We understand the ongoing need to improve soil removal from various substrates, and as a leading supplier of commerical technologies that solve some of the most complex forumulation challenges, our experts have developed sustainable solutions to do just that. From products that improve wetting on ceramic, wood, steel and glass surfaces, to soil release technologies that prevent permanent soiling, Ashland's portfolio helps consumers enhance the performance and efficiency of their hard surface cleaning applications.

When dishwashing, consumers expect their detergents to provide speedy cleaning, spot-free glassware and shiny silverware. Many still depend on phospate detergents despite the risk of environmental harm. We believe that convenience should not come at the expense of sustainability and the environment. Our dishwashing solutions provide superior cleaning without the use of phosphates. With improved mineral scale prevention to reduce spotting and more effective disintegration of tablets and solids, Ashland's dishwashing solutions seek to meet end user's expectations of efficient, high quality cleanliness.

Clothing should always look and smell nice. Laundry detergent products should remove the toughest stains and ensure perfectly clean and fresh clothing. Ashland's solutions in laundry care focus on facilitating that perfection. With convenience and sustainability in mind, our products enhance cold-water cleaning, providing soil release and anti-redisposition properties, color protection of clothes, rapid wetting and efficient removal on stains. We also provide encapsulation of ingredients in formulation such as fragrances and actives and rheology modification of liquid laundry care products for improved consumer experience.

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