Hair Care

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Rapunzel knew how to keep her hair healthy, strong and shiny - she worked with the solvers at Ashland! Regardless of whether your products clean or color, shampoo or straighten, Ashland products, science and technology can help improve the sensorial aspects, increase the allure, and ease the usability to keep hair silky and strong as well as bouncy and beautiful. Our teams are ready to help you create products to tame tresses, save split ends, forget about frizz and create stunning styles.

As a leading global innovative ingredient supplier to the hair care industry, Ashland utilizes a comprehensive approach to provide a total solution for all aspects of hair care products. The combination of our extensive polymer technology expertise, a strong understanding of the hair care market and value chain, and a global network of highly skilled and equipped R&D team create a place that can help provide answers and solutions for you and all your hair care product needs.

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Advantage™ Plus Polymer Antara™ 430 Polectron 430 polymer AquaCat™ 518 cationic solution Aquaflex™ FX 64 polymer Aquaflex™ SF 40 polymer Aquaflex™ XL 30 polymer Ashland™ carbomers Benecel™ methylcellulose and hydroxypropyl methylcellulose Capauxein™ biofunctional Captivates™ encapsulates Ceraphyl™ esters Cerasynt™ esters Chromafend™ biofunctional Conarom™ P aromatic Conditioneze™ 22 polymer Conditioneze™ 37 (E) and (M) polymer Conditioneze™ 7MP cationic solution Conditioneze™ NT-20 cationic solution Copolymer series Dynagen™ biofunctional Escalol™ HP UV filters FlexiThix™ polymer Gafquat™ HS-100 polymer Gafquat™ HSi conditioning solution Gafquat™ polymers Germall™ preservatives LiquaGard™ preservative LiquaPar™ MEP preservative | Rokonsal™ MEP preservative Lubrasil* microemulsions Natrosol™ hydroxyethylcellulose Natrosol™ Plus and PolySurf™ cetyl modified hydroxyethylcellulose Advantage 4910 polymer AquaStyle 300 polymer AquaStyle SH-100 polymer AquaCat™ iC cationic solution Gaffix™ VC713 polymer Lubrajel* hydrogels Omnirez™ 2000 polymer N-DurHance™ A-1000 polymer N-Hance™ SP 100 polymer N-Hance™ 4572 conditioning polymer Optiphen™ P preservative platform Optiphen™ MIT preservative PVP K series PVP VA polymers and co-polymers PrimaFlo™ HP22 polymer solution Zenix™ phosphate ester surfactant UltraThix™ P-100 polymer Suttocide™ A preservative Conarom™ P-2 aromatic Optiphen™ Plus preservative Optiphen™ BSP preservative | Rokonsal™ BSP preservative Optiphen™ ND preservative | Rokonsal™ ND preservative Optiphen™ PO preservative Optiphen™ BSB-W preservative Optiphen™ BD preservative Optiphen™ BS preservative | Rokonsal™ BS preservative Optiphen™ BSB-N preservative | Rokonsal™ BSB-N preservative Germaben™ ll and Germaben™ ll-E preservatives Germall™ 115 preservative Germall™ ll preservative Germall™ Plus preservative Liquid Germall™ Plus preservative Optiphen™ preservatives Optiphen™ MIT Plus preservative Optiphen™ MIT Ultra preservative Advantage™ LC-E polymer LiquaGard™ S-1 preservative | Rokonsal™ S-1 preservative Optiphen™ OD preservative booster LiquaPar™ ME preservative Advantage™ LC-A polymer LiquaPar™ Optima preservative LiquPar™ Oil preservative LiquaPar™ PE preservative LiquaPar™ PN preservative | Rokonsal™ PB-4 preservative Rokonsal™ J preservative Rokonsal™ KS-4 preservative Rokonsal™ LJ-1 preservative Rokonsal™ SE-2 preservative LiquaPar™ Oil preservative Procataline™ biofunctional Gantrez™ polymers Styleze™ CC-10 polymer Styleze™ W polymers Styleze™ XT3 polymer N-Hance™ cationic guar Klucel™ hydroxy-propylcellulose RapiThix™ polymers ProLipid™ 161 lamellar gel Protectagen™ biofunctional X-Tend™ 226 ester ChromoHance™ 113 polymer FiberHance™ bm solution Conarom™ B aromatic Optiphen™ 200 preservative Optiphen™ 300 preservative Optiphen™ HD preservative booster Optiphen™ DLP preservative Optiphen™ DP preservative Gantrez™ ES polymer series