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From the earliest of times, various grains have been ground into flour to make bread.  Fast forward to the 21st century and various diets that shun carbohydrates including bread.  At Ashland our teams separate the wheat from the chaff in terms of solutions - sorting, testing and trying new, better solutions that deliver improved results for our downstream customers.  One Ashland solution supports the rapid adoption of 'gluten free' diets.  To address this trend, food manufacturers are seeking solutions to deliver the taste, texture and volume people love and expect from bread, muffins, etc. - so if you and your bakery products need a raise - give Ashland a call.

From birthday cakes to bran muffins and gluten-free bread, consumers enjoy moist bakery products throughout all stages of their lives. Ashland offers a wide range of solutions to bakers for improved shelf life, appearance, quality and yield.

The exceptional ability to control water enables cellulose gum formulators to develop products that stay fresh and soft longer, giving you an improved shelf life. Increased moisture content in the batter also means that the surface of the baked product does not dry out as quickly, making the final product more attractive with less of a tendency to dry or crack.

For more complex formulations, Benecel™ modified cellulose delivers dough stabilization and batter aeration to improve volume and structure. Benecel modified cellulose also inhibits moisture migration into pie crusts and prevents boil-out while heating fruit bars and pocket-dough products due to its unique, reversible thermal-gelation property.


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