Optiphen™ BSB-N preservative

Chemistry: Preservatives

INCI: Benzyl Alcohol (and) Glycerin (and) Benzoic Acid 9and) Sorbic Acid

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The natural movement continues to drive consumer buying habits, so it's no surprise that marketers also harbor a preference for all things green.  That's why Ashland's nature-identical preservatives are ideal solutions for products aimed at the Eco-aware consumer. ECOCERT-, NATRUE-, COSMOS - and BDIH-compliant Rokonsal™ and Optiphen™ BS and BSB-type preservatives are synthetic versions of naturally occurring substances with excellent efficacy and global approval for rinse-off and leave-on applications.  These preservatives support a variety of natural personal care products.

Optiphen™ BSB-N preservative is sold as Rokonsal™ BSB-N preservative in EMEA.Applications:

Hair Care: Leave-on and Rinse-off formulations

Skin Care: Leave-on and Rinse-off formulations, Wet Wipes

pH: up to 5.4

Use levels: 0.3% - 1.0%

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