Oral Care

Smile and the world smiles with you

Smile! Emojis pop up in many places and are used to help communicate feelings. A better way to communicate is face to face and during that in-person conversation, smiles are most effective!  Ashland wants to work with you to find new and better ways to deliver oral health and improve smiles - the universal language  - the world over. Toothpastes, mouth washes and rinses, and denture cleaning and care are just a few of the products that help keep the world smiling. We want to work with you to deliver solutions for the useability and integrity of your products - solutions and results that make you smile and keep the world grinning.

Ashland is dedicated to helping oral care formulators create products to help achieve healthier and better-looking teeth and gums. Our broad ingredient portfolio includes teeth bleaching agents, stain removers, bioadhesive polymers, binders, rheology modifiers, mouth moisturizers, and custom encapsulates.

We do more than just manufacture innovative ingredients; our products are supported by global research and development scientists and a highly-trained sales team. Get to know us and you’ll see why Ashland is your oral care ingredient solutions destination.


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Aqualon™ Blanose™ and Bondwell™ carboxymethylcellulose Captivates™ encapsulates Gantrez™ AN polymers Gantrez™ S polymers Gantrez™ MS-955 polymer Lubrajel* BA hydrogel Natrosol™ hydroxyethylcellulose Peroxydone™ complexes Plasdone™ K polymers Plasdone S-630 polymer Polyplasdone™ polymers Allantoin™ Aqualon™ sodium carboxymethylcellulose