Praestol™ flocculants

A growing population and a scarcity of water in some regions of the world have made it necessary for industrial operations and municipalities to look for more ways to economically produce quality drinking water, to provide adequate water quality for industrial processes and to ensure that wastewater does not harm the environment. Praestol flocculants from Ashland are a clean solution for optimal liquid/solids separation in a variety of industrial and municipal processes. 

Praestol flocculants are synthesized from organic, macromolecular, water-soluble polyelectrolytes that are based on polyacrylamide. 

The flocculants are used to clean industrial and municipal wastewater, to treat process and circulation water and to clarify raw or surface water to produce drinking or industrial water. They can be used wherever effective liquid/solid separation is desired to accelerate the sedimentation or flotation of suspended solid particles and to improve the dewatering of thickened sludge during static or mechanical dewatering processes.

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Application InformationWant to know more about how our products are used?

Influent Treatment

Praestol flocculants effectively remove suspended solids from fresh water. Commercial applications confirm this and typically result in a number of value-added benefits.

● Improved clarification
● Improved floc size and formation
● Improved liquid/solid separation
● Minimized sludge volume

Wastewater Treatment

Praestol flocculants improve the dewatering of thickened sludge during static or mechanical dewatering processes. Commercial applications confirm this and typically result in a number of value-added benefits.

● Improved water separation and drainage
● Dryer cake
● Improved filtrate quality
● Improved throughput
● Minimized sludge formation and volume
● Reduced sludge disposal costs

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Customer Analytical Services

Ashland Water Technologies’ Customer Analytical Services team is dedicated to helping customers address the multitude of contaminants that can negatively impact the efficiency and reliability of their water-based systems.  The team is made up of an experienced staff of analytical chemists, microbiologists and technicians and is supported by sophisticated testing equipment that provides rapid analysis and identification of contaminants beyond what may be accomplished with field-based methods.  Key services provided by the team include fluid analysis, deposit analysis, microbiological analysis and metallurgical analysis.

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How it WorksThe chemistry behind the solution

Praestol flocculants incorporate reactive groups in aqueous solution, which have a strong affinity for the surfaces of suspended colloids or very fine particles in aqueous suspensions or slurries. 

According to the ionicity of the Praestol types, interactions between them and 

the solid particles are based on the formation of hydrogen bonds or on electrostatic interactions and charge exchange, resulting in the destabilization of the particle surface. Destabilization and coagulation of a large number of single particles leads to the formation of voluminous macro-flocs, which are easy to separate from the suspension.

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Product Types or Functions
Influent Treatment, Wastewater Treatment